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Fairfield, Iowa

Fairfield is a rural city in Southeast, Iowa. Known for its unique attributes, Fairfield showcases a creative community that works together to offer a culturally rich and diverse environment. From Fairfield’s many entrepreneurs and start up businesses to its large manufacturing companies and everything in between, there are many opportunities to achieve growth and business successes. The extensive trail system and parks offer a great outdoor experience for its residents. 1st Friday Artwalk, Farmer’s Market, the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center and the Parks & Recreation Center are just a few amenities to enjoy. Musicians and Artists abound. Jefferson County Health Center is a critical access hospital offering a wide variety of providers in the health field including Doug Johnson Dialysis Center, expanded JCHC Clinics, NuCara Pharmacy and Southeast Iowa Neurological Associates. Maharishi International University. Fairfield’s vast farming and agricultural Community. Fairfield has earned the distinction of Iowa’s “Great Places” and “Iowa’s most creative and eclectic small city”. Click here if you want to check other communities.

City Population 9,416 in 2020

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